X2 rollup compression bag
X2 rollup compression bag

Triple your travel space without a vacuum

Great for these weekends away, camping, hiking, skiing, the list goes on

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Why use our roll up compression bag?

The roll-up compression bag is designed to save you space while travelling and taking part in outdoor activities such as camping, motorbike tours, cycle tours, sailing, snowboarding, skiing, hiking, climbing, kayaking, backpacking and many more, using our uniquely designed compression bags, you can easily reduce the size of bulky clothing and bedding by up to 80% without the need of a vacuum. Our extra strong, durable nylon reinforced waterproof compression bags are designed specifically to fit in to your rucksack, kit bags, saddle bags, hand luggage, suitcase or briefcase and provide extra protection from damage, dust, dirt and moisture.

Easy as:

X2 kite compression kit step 1
1.Place your kite clothing and equipment into the compression bag.
X2 kite compression kit step 2 2.Seal the bag using the tool provided.
X2 kite compression kit step 3 3.Roll the compression bag starting at the seal.


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How do I look after my roll up compression bags?

Store where temperatures do not exceed 100 degrees F. or fall below 0 degrees F, out of direct sun light and unfolded.

How long will the compression bags last?

Lets say you go on two trips a year and looked after according to the care instructions above, the bags will last approximately 4 - 6 years.

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